The problem with putting together a website dealing with vintage Hawaiian shirts is that there's already been at least three fairly serious books written on the subject, and the web really isn't the medium for exhaustive, research oriented stuff anyway (not if you want anyone to look at your site, at least). On the other hand, how many people really own Thomas Steele's The Hawaiian Shirt: Its Art and History, or Nancy Schiffer's Hawaiian Shirt Designs. I know a lot of people that do, but then I know a lot of Hawaiian shirt people too. For anyone interested in additional reading, the new book by Dale Hope, The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands, is definitely the best and most accurate source available yet. So, in some ways the web is an excellent place to display these beautiful old shirts so that everyone--novice to expert can enjoy them and in some ways it's not.
It is also not the purpose of this website to argue the relative merits of horizontal buttonholes versus vertical . Nor is it essential that the viewer be knowledgeable with regards to different designers or labels from the 40s and 50s. What with the current popularity of Hawaiian shirts one only needs to view my shirts with an appreciative eye. My keen insights and whimsical anecdotes are only intended to add to your experience as you enjoy looking at some of the most beautiful garments ever manufactured.

Also, I'm not claiming to have the most complete collection in the world. I realize there are others with outstanding collections...but I am, perhaps the only collector with a knowledge of HTML and the time to put up a collection/webpage like this. All of these shirts are pieces that I've owned and worn for years. I feel that one of the things that separates my collection from other's is that a shirt has to fit me in order for me to keep it. I generally like extra large, although some manufacturers did make fairly big large shirts.

The best way to view this website is to use the Internet Explorer browser and hit F11 to open the screen up so that you're utilizing all of your monitor. All of the images will fit on your screen if you have a minimum resolution setting of 800 X 600. After viewing a shirt just scroll down and hit "NEXT," which will, in turn take you to the next image. It's that easy!!! I've used software to optimize the pictures so that they load on your computer faster. In doing so, I unfortunately lost some detail(nothing in this world is ever perfect). I did, however, try to achieve the perfect balance of detail to small file size...just sit back and wait. Most of the images should come up fairly quickly.