One of the things I've always hated about the world of vintage clothing and Hawaiian shirts in particular, is the way everyone snubs their nose at something just because it isn't exactly the right color or fabric or print. Cotton and silk Hawaiian shirts are a good example of this. Even the more mundane prints of the 40s and 50s are beautiful and artistic...they're also a million times better than anything made today. How many times have I heard some highbrow vintage clothing "expert" say, "oh, it's only cotton," as if it was the most inferior thing you ever saw. I think half the reason I decided to set up this webpage is to debunk this whole attitude.

Old cotton and silk Hawaiian shirts are beautiful, incredible and otherwise fabulous. Really good ones are a lot harder to find than their rayon counterpart. I really wish I had more of them. They're much more comfortable
to wear and there's a quality to the fading and bleeding of the colors in the print that makes them unique among all of the old shirts of this period. Vintage cotton and silk Hawaiian shirts are a good thing and deserve to be treated with the same respect as the rayon ones! I realize this is strong language but it's how I feel.

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